Social Responsibility, Safety and Sustainability

Social responsibility, work safety, environment and respect for others are valued very important in our corporate business model. We always take into account local conditions, authorities, unions and people wherever we work.

Best practices always in progress

Our certified quality systems tell us that the basics are in good condition, yet the goal of the future is, however, a joint management system. In addition, we consider uniform indicators and supported processes vital for our business.

A specified HSEQ team has started with security management process: accident reporting and investigation practices have been evaluated. At the moment, we are running a group-wide campaign to avoid near-miss situations. We’re also constantly studying how digitalization could improve the development of security and quality.


Our customers perceive us as a reliable partner. We’re in continuous process for the development of expertise and quality, documentation, planning, implementation, control and improvement. Why? To achieve the goals and expectations that we set for ourselves and our partners.

We are certified!

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001


We at Kymsol are on a mission to protect – also our common environment.

Besides that our services are cleantech industry and improve many industrial processes better for climate, we’re also committed to reduce environmental impact of our operations. For less CO2 emissions, we’ve developed the mobile work shop production method to avoid transportation at the site.

We train our people to have a consistent view to avoid environmental risks and consider climate aspects during production.


Meet our HSEQ team!