ISS – Total Delivery Service

Insulation, Scaffolding and Surface Treatment in One Package

ISS total delivery service is a solution to your improved project scheduling and budgeting needs. ISS stands for Insulation, Scaffolding and Surface Treatment. Total delivery service allows us to achieve excellent customer experience.

Janne Koskelainen

Director of Corporate Sales / CSO

+358 40 766 7130

Improve project security, schedule, control and minimize costs

The ease and cost-effectiveness of ISS is based on the bundling of services and efficient process planning. Work can be done using the same scaffolding erected on site so you can avoid unnecessary supplier shifts as we operate the scaffolding, insulating and surface treatment work. Our designated project manager is responsible for every aspect being managed to the highest level of detail.

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Customer-oriented solution

ISS is a fantastic solution to many project challenges. Holistic, safe, effortless and cost-effective ISS is suitable for any project and tailored for specific customer needs and special features of the working site. The goal of the ISS total delivery is excellent customer experience, which requires a strong commitment from the whole organization. That’s why we’ve invested in the productization of a new service by developing a broad range of expertise in our personnel. High quality is also guaranteed through careful advance planning.

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Janne Koskelainen

Director of Corporate Sales / CSO

+358 40 766 7130

Anved Aarbakke

General Manager, Norway

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Hannu Koret

Commercial Director

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Tender and Contract Manager, Norway

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